Motor vehicle in general and Volvo cars in particular have embraced the use of electronics in almost every aspect of motor cars. The introduction of CAN Bus network where multiple electronic control units [ECUs] are connected together to share information has made the management of vehicle functions highly efficient. In-vehicle networking offers vehicle manufacturers cost saving benefits namely reduced wiring [less weight] and programmable or configurable ECUs. This process also gives manufacturers the flexibility of updating/reloading vehicle software applications to overcome running problems or fix software bugs 'in the field'. The benefit is that the widespread availability and reduced cost of electronic processors made it economically viable to adopt electronic functionality in today's vehicle manufacture. Today's Technicians need another dimension to their knowledge base to be successful in diagnosing complex problems on Volvo cars.

Since April 2004, thanks to EU exemption ruling, Volvo Cars UK have allowed us, as an Independent Volvo Car Repairer, access to technical information, purchasing of necessary equipment and training at their Daventry Training and Development Centre. We have been able to use software download application facilities ever since, giving us another enhancement to our comprehensive Volvo car service commitments.


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