During service inspection we compile a list of any extra repairs the car may need. This is further analysed and prioritised in terms of the car's reliability and safety before estimate for such work is prepared. We then discuss the cost involved with our customer with a view to obtaining authority before proceeding with repairs thus avoiding surprises when the invoice is presented at completion of repairs.

We always aspire to achieving a first time fix. This helps us to be efficient while achieving greater customer satisfaction. Being small means we rely on repeat business and consequent word of mouth recommendations. We are proud of our customer retention record of over 95%.

We set ourselves very high standards and place our customer needs as our number one priority in all our dealings. We never forget the customer is king.


AC systems need servicing yearly to keep the system in efficient working order. Research has shown that the system permeates 20 to 30% of refrigerant from the system over 12 months irrespective of its use. Leaving the system unattended over long periods may lead to failure.


The warranty on your Volvo cars is no longer affected by having your car serviced and maintained by an independent specialist in Volvo cars – again due to the EU block exemption.

Our philosophy is simply to offer efficient and value for money service. Our Volvo car owners have direct access to our engineers from booking to completion of repairs. This approach minimises potential breakdown in communication between us and our valued customers. We pride ourselves in offering the best and the most comprehensive service on Volvo cars.


Specialing in Volvo cars