Our Philosophy

WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE DMW ABOVE ANYONE ELSE? We don't do 'freebies' such as:

  • Free loan cars
  • Free valet
  • Free software updates

BECAUSE, we don't believe in HIDDEN charges. We'd rather pass these saving to you – our customers! We are almost 40% cheaper than Main Dealers.

TRANPARENCY is the key to our trading success over 28 years.

We uphold the old fashioned values and place our customer care above all else. When you call us you speak to a person not a menu driven voice or listen to irritating advert about our services and products on offer. Once your car is being worked on, we give you regular updates and report any extra work found with it's additional costs implications to keep abreast of the progress. On completion we would call you to advise of collection time.

We don't believe in exaggerating the condition of your car to force you into panic buying unless of course the repairs are unavoidable and potentially affecting the safety and reliability of your vehicle before your next service. If on the other hand, you wish to spread the cost and want to visit us between service we can accommodate that too provided the repairs can be delayed without compromising the safety and reliability of your Volvo car.

Simply put we place a high price on our reputation and value for money, service, and rely on repeat business. We are small but efficient. We care about our investment – that is you the customer. We are cheaper than Main Dealers because we trim our costs to remain competitive while we are conscious of escalating cost of car maintenance particularly in today's economic climate.


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